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About IUOE

IUOE General Pension Plan is a retirement benefit program that rewards service as an Officer or Employee of a Local Union or Related Organization of the International Union of Operating Engineers. For General Pension Plan, work for a Local Union or Related Organization is known as Covered Employment. Eligible Plan Participants may earn the right to a pension, meaning they will receive a monthly payment when they retire. This payment is referred to as a “pension benefit.”

In general, you are eligible to participate in General Pension Plan on your first day of Full-Time employment with a Local Union or Related Organization. For those who meet the requirements, participation in the Plan is mandatory. More information about participation can be found on the General Pension Plan Summaries.

As a Participant, you are not required to contribute to the General Pension Plan. It is funded by contributions from your Local Union or Related Organization and from the International. Contributions are explained in the General Pension Plan Summaries.

Administrative Manager

Christopher J. Hanley
4115 Chesapeake Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20016

Plan Counsel

John Leary

Special Counsel

Donoghue & O’Donoghue, LLP

Consultants and Actuaries

The Segal Company


Calibre CPA Group

Board of Trustees

Chairman,  Josh Van Dyke
IUOE Local Union No. 77
4546 Brittania Way
Suitland, MD 20746

Treasurer, John Downey 
1125 17th Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20036

Keith Linderer
Local Union No. 148
2929 South Jefferson Avenue 
St. Louis, MO 63118

Thomas Giblin
IUOE Local No. 68
14 Fairfield Place
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Richard Dalton
IUOE Local Union No. 18
3515 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Scott Rettig
IUOE Local Union No. 101
6601 Winchester, Suite 280
Kansas City, MO 64133

Mark Lafond
IUOE Local Union No. 987
244 Cree Crescent
Winnipeg MB R3J 3W1 Canada